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Is your smile in need of a tooth replacement? Bridge the gaps in your smile with dental bridges. Dental bridges are highly effective and safe dental replacements that artificially take the place of missing teeth with materials designed to look and function the way normal teeth would. They are latched into place by bonding with nearby teeth for a permanent hold that can help your mouth function much more effectively than it could if the teeth are left missing.

Dental bridges are used to help fill in the voids left behind by your smile. If these voids are left unchecked, they can become safe zones for bacteria and food residue to hide. They can also be the basis of infection and even contribute to the weakening of your gums. If your gums begin to weaken and loosen, it will destabilize them causing other nearby teeth to move and rotate out of their natural positions. Dental bridges help you keep your facial structure full and your gums strong.

Dental bridges are also an outstanding alternative for individuals who lack the jawbone strength for dental implants. Whereas dental implants are directly installed into the bone, dental bridges are only linked to other teeth, including if necessary, other dental implants. Dental bridges are permanent fittings that can be easily repaired and replaced if necessary.

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