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Diabetes increases your risk of dental issues, particularly dry mouth, oral thrush and gum disease. Thankfully, all these issues are avoidable if you follow these directions.

– First, keep track of your blood glucose levels as your physician has taught you. Take your medication or insulin shots and watch your diet. This will have an impact on your oral health as well as the rest of your body.

– Second, brush your teeth every morning and night and floss every night before you go to bed. Since you are more vulnerable to oral infections, it’s all the more imperative to preserve your oral hygiene and clear your mouth of plaque-like substances.

– Third, plan to attend a cleaning and exam with Dr. J. Kenneth Carver at least once every six months. As soon as you are diagnosed with diabetes, it’s important to let us know so that we can treat your teeth accordingly.

– Fourth, if your gums are sore or irritated, call Kingsport Dentistry. This may be a sign that your blood sugar is rushing to your gum tissue, making them more sensitive. It may also be a sign of another dental issue. Dr. J. Kenneth Carver can offer you appropriate advice.

If you are wondering about your oral health or are simply ready for a dental checkup, you can phone us in Kingsport, Tennessee at 423-247-5175 to book an appointment. We look forward to your visit!