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Dentures are greatly beneficial for tooth replacement because they have the ability to fill both small and large gaps to provide better oral health. Small areas of tooth loss can be repaired with partial dentures while major or complete tooth loss requires full dentures for a functional mouth.

Below, we offer a review of some the benefits that dentures present, ranging from tooth replacement and beyond, to help you in making your choice for a dental restoration:

  • First and foremost, dentures replace teeth to allow for natural chewing and speaking so that you can have the basic abilities back.
  • You can also regain an optimal facial profile by improving sagging structures that resulted from severe tooth loss.
  • In some cases, severe tooth loss results in an aged appearance. Filling the gaps with dentures can take years off your face and smile.
  • Pockets of bacteria can form in the gaps caused by missing teeth, which also result in a loss of stability in the gums. When the gums are loose, the nearby teeth can shift into the area. It’s important to place an oral appliance, such as dentures, to prevent these issues.
  • Dentures are removable, making daily cleanings, and repairs or replacements easy.

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