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Water flossers vary from traditional floss. If you struggle with traditional floss then perhaps water flossers can work for you. Did you know, water flossers can be successful at flossing your teeth after you brush? Well, it’s true! Our team here at Kingsport Dentistry in Kingsport, Tennessee, is proud to talk to you about water flossers and how they can improve your oral health.

You can feel confident knowing water flossers are safe and effective when it comes to removing food particles from between your teeth. If you struggle like many do with flossing by hand, or have had treatments like braces that make it hard to floss properly, then a water flosser may be best for you. Water flossers work by sending out small pulses or streams of water that hit between your teeth and along your gum line.

Using water flossers consistently have been proven to lower plaque and help against the fight on gum disease, which is why they have finally earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance on many of them. If you feel you are at a high risk of gum disease, or your dentist, Dr. J. Kenneth Carver has asked you to floss but you do not like the string floss, then try a water flosser for your flossing needs.

If you feel it’s time for a dental checkup or would like to learn more about the effectiveness of water flossers, then call us today at 423-247-5175 to set up an appointment. Our talented dental team is prepared to talk to you about any of your oral health care questions or concerns.