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Do you know what temporomandibular joints are used for? Temporomandibular joints, or TMJs for short, are sockets designed with connective tissue, ligaments, muscles, and bone all working in tandem within your jaw to form the joints that open and close your mouth and facilitate the wide range of chewing motions within your mouth. Without the TMJs, eating would be a much more difficult task.

Due to the complex nature of the TMJs, they can be easily damaged. TMJ disorders can often be spotted due to their symptoms. If you notice or hear an irregular popping noise in your jaw, or struggle to fully open and close your mouth, your TMJs may be damaged. In addition, a TMJ disorder may cause pain around your face, and also when speaking, chewing, or eating.

To help combat the effects of a TMJ disorder, it is important to practice effective stress relieving treatments such as yoga and listening to calming music. Treatment for TMJs can be administered by your dentists, but until then, make sure to avoid chewing on products that can make the condition worse.

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