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Are you familiar with the benefits that mouth guards can provide? Mouth guards are protective treatments that are designed to be placed over the top of your teeth and gums to help reduce the risk of oral accidents and injuries suffered from strikes or blows to your face. With a mouth guard in place, you can dramatically minimize the risk of injury and dental damage.

Did you know there are various types of mouth guards that can be designed? Through the use of custom mouth guards built for your exact dental impression, your dentist can craft for you a pair that will provide the best possible service for cushioning blows that may have occurred to your smile. Similarly, boil and bite mouth guards are bitten into to form your dental impression and provide maximum protection. However, stock guards come preformed and are not contoured to your exact dental profile.

Once you have selected the proper mouth guards for providing you additional care, make sure that you care for them at all times. Furthermore, store them in areas where contamination or further damage cannot occur. If they should ever become contaminated, always make sure to rinse them off and sanitize them. Never leave your mouth guards or soak them in hot water as they can warp, bend and change shape.

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